The 78th Frasers Highlanders new
concert debuts in Springfield, Illinois


Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW at the Sangamon Auditorium.    Hurry, sales are brisk.One of North America’s finest Grade 1 bands will be performing in Concert at the University of Illinois, Springfield Auditorium May 16th, 2003 at 8 p.m.For those of you who may have seen or heard this band’s last recorded concert “Flame of Wrath”, you will not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their newest production.See what Piper and Drummer Magazine has to say about the concert.
The 78th Frasers have the unique ability to take bagpipe music to new heights leaving gananci.com those who watch and hear, completely breathless.This is a great opportunity to have a weekend of Scottish Heritage since our Highland Games will be held the very next day, May 17th.   These Games will also be special since they will be the home of the World’s Masters Championships of Ancient Athletics.   Check our Games page for more information.